CA Anti-Virus

CA Anti-Virus 10.0

A neat antivirus with a convenient interface and scheduling features

There is a great variety of antivirus programs on the market. There are different kinds of these antivirus programs; and each one has the same important mission: prevent its users' computers from being infected. Now, we would like to know, which one is a really good one, which might cover our necessity. This is a tough decision, but basically is a matter of what kind of hardware we are using, memory, platform, available space on our disk, language and of course a user-friendly interface and a low usage of system resources.

Actually the point is to avoid the infection caused by any type of viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, worms, spam, etc. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to review an antivirus program called CA Anti-Virus version 10.0. This particular software covers all our requirements: it has automatic updates and the possibility to perform real-time scanning. Besides many features, this program will even detect new threats before virus protection updates are created, and it is possible to set your computer to be scanned at a convenient time by a scheduled scan. And on top of all, this program has a user-friendly interface. It is up to you what kind of antivirus you will choose, but make sure you choose the right one.

Elsa Flores Ahedo
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  • For the same price you will be able to use it on 3 computers
  • When you start this program you have the opportunity to see a Quick Tour (very well detailed)


  • The trial period is 60 days, but you have to buy the license first - you will just have the money-back guarantee
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